Our service lets you find, organize and download your music from anywhere via your browser.
Companies rely on us to manage their music because our service is reliable, secure, and scalable.
Our database includes more than 4 million tracks. We can even host and manage your company's own music assets.
Our data team works on your behalf to ensure all your music and metadata is up-to-date.
  • Asset Management

    Allowing us to manage your assets is efficient. Licensed, composed or owned -- all your music is in one place ready to stream and download.

    Simplified Search

    Finding the right music with us is fast and easy. No more searching across multiple websites -- our search tools allow you to search across all your music from one location.

    Easier Reporting

    We take the hassle out of cue sheets by putting all the data you need to report on music uses at your fingertips in an industry standard format.
  • Superior Support

    From our comprehensive training to our fast and efficient support, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service.

    Access Control

    Our powerful group and user controls help you manage your team and ease your music business and security concerns.

    API Approach

    Our APIs can help make accessing music data across other workflow applications in your business easy and efficient.
Designed for the creative production community, Dashbox is a cloud-based music asset and metadata management system. We take responsibility for sourcing, updating, hosting and managing all of your licensed library music while you and your team focus on the business of making great content. Spend more time creating and less time managing

Our ever-growing database includes titles from over 130 distribuors of production music and SFX, representing over 4 million compositions and sound recordings. If we don't host a specific library, we can easily ingest it on your behalf.

we do not...
represent or own any music catalog.
we do not...
determine licensing prices.
we do not...
take commission fees from licensing transactions.
we do not...
charge music vendors to host their catalogs.