The online solution for managing all your music licensing needs

Do you produce television shows, movies, trailers, video games, commercials, web content or corporate presentations?

If so, music is no doubt a critical, distinguishing element of your production. Choosing the music is a fun, creative process with limitless songs available for your consideration. Unfortunately, the process of seeking the necessary licenses you need can be an enormous, costly headache. Dashbox can help.

What is Dashbox?

Dashbox is a Web-based, business-to-business workflow management system for music synchronization licensing. Through Dashbox, you can better organize projects, audition music, request licenses and clear music for use in your production.


Tools that make collaboration seamless for both the creative and business ends of the licensing workflow. Request/receive music from trusted sources, then stream/download, organize, and share the music with only colleagues who need to know, without ever having to use outside file-sharing services.
Comprehensive and expanding global database of music assets (including ownership information/corresponding audio files) at your fingertips, updated daily. Production libraries you have deals with can also be made available, allowing customers to manage both commercial and library music from one interface.
One centralized platform to manage and process paperwork effortlessly. Create and send company-specific quote requests and confirmation letters with just a couple of clicks. From there, Dashbox will track and update the status of all clearance activity, streamlining your licensing workflow.
Online availability 24/7 via cloud access, no matter where you are - in the office, on the couch or on a different continent! Get peace of mind knowing that work saved to the Dashbox system is stored in the cloud.
Decision-empowering reports that let you know what you are doing with your music and how much it's costing you.
Access to all music rights holders. Dashbox does not represent music catalogs. We do not aim to steer you to limited catalogs of pre-cleared or pre-priced music and we are not compensated based on which music you choose.